IQ Solutions Launches New Exhibit Program

New Exhibit Debuts in Atlanta

September 28, 2011

Contact: Kim Callinan
Phone: (301) 984-4350

IQ Solutions' Exhibit Graphic

For nearly 14 years IQ Solutions has coordinated services for literally hundreds of exhibits for conferences across the nation. Exhibits and conferences are a prime venue to establish and build effective partnerships. No longer are conferences information outposts; now they are an opportunity for engagement and relationship building.

The new exhibit program will provide an opportunity to communicate with potential and existing clients and to gauge the needs of conference participants. 

Our exhibit debuted at the Fifth Annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media, which brought together more than 1,100 participants from throughout the United States and 25 countries. Participants represented many diverse disciplines and sectors and helped create a truly stimulating environment.

This conference provided an excellent opportunity to engage colleagues, share experiences, and exchange ideas to help shape the future of health communications, marketing, and media practice. Approximately 400 conference attendees stopped by the IQ Solutions booth to learn more about what we do. For example, Dr. Dale about social marketing; and Everett Long from the Athens Nurses Clinic was interested in program development.

Our Creative department designed eye-catching collateral materials (brochures, etc.) that highlighted what we do with the use of Quick Response (QR) codes and print materials. Several attendees commented on the creative use of the QR codes and the promotional materials (poster board and flyers with QR codes) we had on display. “With the majority of conference attendees carrying and actively using their smart phones, iPads, and other devices to stay connected, we thought it would be a creative way to engage and share information with conference attendees,” said James Turner, Exhibits Outreach Manager. QR codes were initially designed for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. Now, QR codes are used in a much broader context. For example, restaurants are using QR codes to share nutritional information, movie studios are using QR codes for releasing trailers for upcoming films, and QR codes are being used to demonstrate products or services.

During the conference, we also provided demonstrations on how to design and develop mobile solutions and answered questions regarding new approaches to social media.

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