Agnieszka Roman, M.P.H. Candidate

Public Health Research Analyst

A hashtag that describes my 1.5-year tenure at IQ Solutions: #IQepiteam

Working as a clinician while earning my undergraduate degrees gave me a unique insight and perspective into health communications and public health as a whole. Working with patients on an individual basis has given me the opportunity to understand the most effective strategies for relaying information in a way that allows people to take information to heart.​

I strongly believe that prevention is the key to reducing the burden of disease in our population. Serving as a research analyst allows me to apply my knowledge of public health and epidemiologic study design to support the furthering of prevention research conducted in the United States.

My biggest inspiration is watching people follow through on their desires to live a healthier life by educating themselves and then making the necessary adjustments to their own lives and the lives of those around them.

My Thoughts

A woman smiling behind a table with piles of fliers and handouts on it.

IQ Solutions Volunteers To Create Smiles

Last month on September 8th, hundreds of people lined up outside the Xfinity Center at the University of Maryland College Park campus. Some even camped out in line the night before just to ensure they would be seen and receive dental care at the 2017 Mid-Maryland Mission of Mercy dental clinic and Health Equity Festival.

Sealants: An Important Preventative Measure Against Cavities

In honor of Children’s Dental Health Month, it’s important to be aware of the various preventative measures that can be taken to ensure the health of your children.

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