Barrett Whitener

Senior Health Communications Adviser

A hashtag that best describes my tenure at IQ Solutions: #RememberYourAudience

For over 20 years, I’ve used my skills of conveying complex health-related information clearly and helping others to do the same. In my job at IQ Solutions, I get to use these talents in writing for broadcast media, clients’ blogs, and educational materials, and in conducting media training and presentation training for health researchers and practitioners.

It inspires me to see a researcher or health professional clearly and concisely describe their work and its implications for people’s health. It’s a skill that can be learned, and it can dramatically increase the impact of the research, project, or intervention being presented.


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An IQ Solutions employee utilizing their standing desk.

Taking a Stand: How I Learned To Love a Standing Desk

A risky position: I thought about my daily routine: 9 or so hours sitting at work, 1 hour commuting each way, plus some sitting at home in the evening… In a flash, my self-image changed from “healthy person” to “mortality statistic waiting to happen.” The next thought was instantaneous: “standing desk!”

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