Courtney A. Carlson

Senior Associate

I am especially passionate about helping my coworkers enhance their work-life balance through the wellness initiative and am inspired by the IQ Solutions family. It’s so nice to be able to work with such a knowledgeable, motivated, and fun group of people!

Nearly 8 years of experience in health promotion at IQ Solutions and certifications in health education and information referral have provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively develop programs for IQ Solutions’ corporate wellness initiative and to serve as a member of our Information Services team.

Our team provides support for several National Institutes of Health information clearinghouses to develop and disseminate resources to at-risk populations. It is rewarding to help people get the information they need, to ease their minds, or ensure them that we are available to answer questions about a new condition before or after a medical appointment, or when assisting a loved one.

My Thoughts

A woman smiling at a computer using a headset.

National Information and Referral Day is November 16

IQ Solutions celebrates National Information and Referral Day annually to recognize the work of our information specialists who provide resources daily (sometimes 24/7!) to those who are eager to improve the quality of their lives. Below are the experiences of three of our information specialists, Courtney Carlson, Michelle Correll, and Lisa Pizzo. 

An IQ Solutions employee exercising while using her fitbit device

IQ Solutions Offers Walking Program

This year, IQ Solutions gave staff the opportunity to purchase a FitBit device to further encourage movement throughout the day and 50 percent of the cost was graciously paid for as part of the wellness initiative.

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