Julie Hentz

Director of Social Issue Marketing

Julie Hentz


30 years of experience working in both governmental and corporate public health environments, including a Masters of Public Health (MPH) Degree and a Graduate Certification in Social Marketing Frameworks, has contributed to the development of a personal toolbox that emphasizes the power of community involvement, partnerships, advocacy, and the proven foundations of evidence-based research to define a blueprint that shapes and positions health prevention messages resulting in the empowerment of all individuals to improve choices that impact their health.

With roots in large corporate ad agencies and as an ad agency owner, I have moved marketing theories, like the fundamental 4 P’s, from supporting corporate advancement to equitable public health prevention frameworks. The transition has been one of the most satisfying aspects of my career. Through targeted educational channels and culturally-honored support and integration, we guide communities to the path to self-empowerment to improve their own choices, identify and remove barriers, and to provide access to that which is required to enhance quality of life. Working both nationally and abroad with underserved populations has proven incredibly satisfying and educational, certainly the zenith of my professional experiences.

My Thoughts

A banner image announcing the 19th annual Advocacy Summit. Equipping and empowering advocates for public health. October 21-23 2017.
Julie Hentz

IQ Solutions Sponsors the 19th Annual SOPHE Advocacy Summit on Capitol Hill

A key component in successful public health advancement involves understanding the value and process of advocating for important health topics.

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