Watching The Future: The LG Smart Watch

For 2 weeks, I experimented with the LG smart watch, and the possibilities with this technology are endless

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As health goes, I used the LG smart watches' step tracker to keep track of my daily steps because I had started a diet a week prior to receiving the watch.  

 Already having an app on my phone that tracks calorie intake, water intake, and exercise, I wanted to add my daily steps to increase the accuracy of how many calories I was losing, which gave me peace of mind.

Even though I used the watch for this purpose only, it did not stop me from coming up with ideas that can further improve the watch’s impact on health and quality of living.

The idea I have includes an app like a “MyFitnessPal,” which has a large database for foods to track your calorie intake. I want to be able to sync the watch with the app. I want the watch to track your blood pressure and heart rate, as well as the steps, which can reduce the risk of injury from exercising. It could give notifications if your heart rate increases to an unsafe level or tell you to pick up your pace and increase the level.

With the increase in the number of people with high blood pressure, this app should be able to track your blood pressure. Each year, more than 7.6 million deaths worldwide are attributed to high blood pressure. A healthy diet and exercise are crucial to reducing this epidemic, and with this app and watch, the ability to track blood pressure could bring about greater awareness of the problem. Again, it should notify you if your level is too high or low, as well as recommend certain foods that can reduce blood pressure. Finally, I would suggest a modification to the ability to track steps. The difference between the one that’s already on the watch and the app that I’m suggesting is the ability to notify you about the weather. When walking or running, the app should sync with a weather app and have an option to notify you if the weather is too cold or hot, or if it’s raining or snowing, and recommend if it’s even worth walking/running in these conditions.

 Having the ability to track food, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate, and steps gets us one step closer to a healthier country and could reduce some of the biggest problems facing America: obesity and high blood pressure.

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