IQ Solutions Proudly Sponsored the American Public Health Association Meeting & Expo

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IQ Solutions at the 143rd APHA Meeting and Exposition

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IQ Solutions annually supports the important public health work of the American Public Health Association (APHA) through sponsorship and partnership. From policy and advocacy to building healthy communities, APHA has made significant contributions toward the equitable improvement of the nation’s health. IQ Solutions shares those objectives.

Most recently, IQ Solutions expressed that support through sponsorship of the 143rd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Chicago. Our organization provided the attendee name tags at the event, as well as the conference mobile app, which now enables attendees to schedule their agenda without accessing the hard copy conference book. There were 6,332 unique user logins to the mobile app this year, with a total of 15,193 total users on various portals, translating to almost half of all APHA attendees using the mobile app to access or schedule their sessions.

Many APHA attendees were prize winners through the Passport to Prizes Game in the Expo Hall using the new mobile app. A lucky winner won an Apple Watch from IQ Solutions as well!

IQ Solutions’ new 20-foot exhibit booth premiered in the Expo Hall, claiming its own prominent island space. Our talented design staff created the exhibit, using custom imagery reflecting wellness activities that contribute to the prevention of chronic conditions. We were so honored that the APHA Expo Council thought our booth was exceptional—we were awarded a first-place ribbon for booth design and presence within the Expo.  


On the big screen of the IQ Solutions exhibit, we told two significant stories. The first story was about our work in Influencer Mapping on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as an HIV prevention tactic. Through social listening, we have gained much valuable insight supporting improved messages and identifying prime partners around the use of the PrEP approach.

We also told the story of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases website renovation and IQ Solutions’ work to create a responsive site in Spanish for the large percentage of the Hispanic population seeking health information on their mobile phones. The metrics tell the tale: 492,000 average annual visits before the responsive site and 1,723,000 average annual visits after responsive design.

IQ Solutions was also represented through presentations at the APHA Meeting. Scott Jones discussed “Using Audience Differentiation To Improve Public Health Website Effectiveness: An Innovative Methodology To Inform Public Health Communication Efforts,” where he offered tried-and-true corporate marketing strategies to improve public health communication and outcomes.

Rob Carroll mediated and was the architect of a panel on “Keeping It Real—Maintaining the Client Perspective in Behavioral Health Digital Tools.” This discussion involved maintaining the human perspective when developing mobile behavioral health tools. Each speaker brought much insight into recognizing and referring those who present with suicide ideation. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Suicide Safe App served as a valuable touchstone in the discussions.

Additionally, Rob and Scott were featured in the “Ask the Expert” sessions at the IQ Solutions’ exhibit space. These were daily sessions where attendees could discuss topics involving “Formative Research Approaches To Inform Digital Solution Design” and “10 Tips To Increase Traffic to Your Public Health Website” with our knowledge specialists.

IQ Solutions sends a special thank you to everyone involved in making the 143rd APHA Meeting such a significant event, especially to the many IQ Solutions’ staff who traveled to Chicago to work hard as ambassadors of our organization through their own unique knowledge base and personality. These staff were Scott Jones, Lisa Falconer, Rob Carroll, Ali Brackett, Kenia Alonzo, Molly Alawode, and Julie Hentz. Each of us values the reconnection to friends and colleagues, and are thrilled about the new relationships we have forged through the event. Until next year in Denver!

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