Feeling Good on Tag Day Thursdays

Gale Harris
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If you think casual Fridays are a great way to end the work week, how about casual Thursdays and Fridays? And how about feeling even better because you are contributing to the welfare of our country’s wounded veterans?

Participating in Our Philanthropic Initiative

Every year, IQ Solutions “adopts” one or more nonprofit organizations that reflect our dedication to underserved populations. As we’ve learned from our work with several clients, military veterans face many challenges when they return from the battlefield. We have adopted The Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) as one of our many corporate philanthropic efforts because it offers programs, services, and events that honor and empower wounded veterans of military actions.

Celebrating Our Corporate Culture

Giving back to the community is a part of our corporate culture. So is providing a thriving environment where employees can contribute their best under relaxed, flexible conditions such as casual dress Fridays. Now we’ve combined both values in Tag Day Thursdays. 

Started as part of IQ Solutions’ summer flexible work schedule, Tag Day Thursdays have been extended to other designated time periods. For a specified number of weeks, you can “show your stripes” and support our troops by making tax deductible donations to the WWPA donation of $5.00 every Thursday earns you the opportunity to wear casual clothes in the office.

As with most corporate philanthropic initiatives, IQ Solutions matches all employee contributions. To date, donations to the WWP, with the company match, have totaled $14,246.

“When I learned how many soldiers have come home with physical and mental injuries, I knew WWP was something I wanted to support. And if I can help their cause by wearing casual clothes on Thursdays, who am I to argue?” - Ody Leonard, Creative Director 

Signing Up To “Show Your Stripes”

It feels good to know your donations are going directly to a charitable veterans' service organization. And it feels good to get casual one more day in the work week.

All it takes to wear casual clothes in support of wounded veterans is to “enlist” with Human Resources. HR staff will have you sign a form that allows the company to make specified pay deductions each pay period for a designated number of weeks. For example, the period from October 8, 2015 through December 8, 2015, includes 14 Thursdays. The total WWP payroll deduction of $70.00 was broken into a $14 deduction for each pay period during that timeframe.

It’s easy, it’s fun, and a small donation goes a long way to helping a population in need.

Look for the next opportunity to show your stripes on behalf of our wounded warriors.

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