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Our Story Begins With Improving Lives

Twenty-five years ago, IQ Solutions was built on a vision, a mission, and a framework of values that continue to ignite us daily. We offer the stimulation and inventiveness of a start-up company balanced with the gravitas and accumulated wisdom of a long-established and proven firm.

Our vision is for all people—especially those in vulnerable communities—to have a better quality of life.
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Our Mission: IQ Solutions applies strategic communications, science and evidence-based research, public health theory, and innovation to our blend of content and technical expertise. We use this expertise to help share knowledge that empowers audiences to improve their well‑being.

Our values drive our mission. Our genuine empathy for people—individuals, families, and communities—fuels our passion to make a difference and drives us to create innovative approaches to empowering wellness.

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Our People Inspire Our Mission

We are a community of doers and improvers.

IQ Solutions offers a thriving environment with opportunities for our employees to:

  • Make a difference by contributing their best thinking to solving challenging public health problems.
  • Pursue their professional passions through idea generation, mentoring, and Strengths Finder programs.
  • Engage in wellness activities that make it easy to build healthier practices into every workday.

Our Clients Share Our Mission

We partner with agencies and other organizations that are tackling some of the most important issues in public health. Our company offers creatively rich and fiscally frugal approaches to help clients:

  • Customize innovative and scalable technology that enables our clients to keep pace in an ever-changing environment.
  • Develop products and messages that engage and motivate audiences.
  • Access data-driven and visually enhanced reporting to help achieve their goals.

Our Philosophy Is to Give Back

Our commitment to improving health includes not only our clients’ audiences and our own staff, but also the community at large.
Our philanthropic activities allow us to apply locally our many lessons learned from decades of serving the public health.
The experience of coming together to improve the lives of individuals and families in need enriches our employees.